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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My break from life is almost here!

4 more days and I will be in Hawaii!!! I can't wait to get away from my life, infertility, loss and everything.  A whole week of no work, no family, no doctor's appointments and no stress. Just me, my husband and lots of sand and water.... and a few alcoholic drinks.

I'm struggling right now with not doing treatments. I swear these infertility treatments are like crack or something, highly addictive. Or maybe its the drive to have a baby that is highly addictive? I don't know. I keep trying to tell myself I have my vacation coming to keep my busy and then only a couple more weeks until my pap and then another week or so until I know if my TTC break will end or be extended.

I should be worried about my pap.... it showed squamous cells, which I know is pretty possibly cancer. I'm more worried that it is going to interfere with my TTC plans than it being a potential health hazard.

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  1. I hope you and DH have a wonderful vacation! I'm sorry to hear about your pap results, hopefully it turns out to not be anything serious.