This blog is about my life and my struggles with infertility and recurrent miscarriage. If you dont want to hear me whine about my struggles then you probably shouldnt read it

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh its been awhile

Well it's been awhile since I updated. I've been trying to busy myself and stay distracted from the fact that I'm infertile and I have a better chance of hitting the jackpot in Vegas than becoming a mother.

Anyways, the distracting didn't help much but here is what's new with my journey to beat infertility.

So after the crazy ass doctor dumped me I began the search for a new Repro Endo (RE). After multiple battles with my insurance company I finally got an appointment for a consult. I have to go to the University of California San Francisco Center for Reproductive health. Awesome infertility center yes, but very far away. It's about a 2-2 1/2 hr drive ONE way. Not too bad until you think that I could potentially be making that drive 2-3 times per week. Not to mention the stressful Bay Area traffic and driving on the Bay Bridge (which I HATE). Well I guess just one of the many sacrifices I will be making for children.

So this process to my consultation has been unfolding over the last 6 weeks or so. My appointment is next Wednesday, March 2nd. It seems like I've been waiting forever!!

So what have I been doing to pass the time? Well I did get one cycle with ovulation on my own where we actually got to try and make a baby. Although the trying was fun, it didn't result in a baby. Not sure why I was surprised. That is the usual outcome. Other than that I've been working, shopping and that's it.

My husband can't get the day off for my appointment o my mom is going with me. She was worried about me driving to San Francisco alone, not sure why, it's going to happen eventually. My husband isn't going to be able to go with me to every appointment. But she wants to HO so how do you say no to a mom who wants her daughter to giver her a grandchild more than anything in the world? Answer, you don't say no. So Mom's coming. I lobe my mom and I know it upsets her to see me going through all this but it's a little awkward talking to the doctor about the methods in which you have had sex in an attempt to make a baby In front of your mother. Oh well. Guess I have to get over it.

Mostly I'm excited about my appointment. I'm very nervous though. I've been very wronged by a doctor I trusted and I feel like I'm just walking into another bad situation. I'm nervous this doctor will want more testing done, I know that there are probably more tests we should do just in case, but tests take time and I'm so tired of giving up more time!!! I've waited long enough.

I'll update with the details of my appointment. And I'm sure you will see some very emotional posts coming soon as my baby girl's "angelversary" approaches on March 10th.